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Stubbylee Community Greenhouses

Stubbylee park is full of memories for me it was the park I frequented as a child with my family. The greenhouses are now running as "an open access site which is socially inclusive for everyone, where new skills can be learned and accomplished in a non-judgemental, supportive environment.The project challenges the stigma that mental ill-health represents for many. Stubbylee Greenhouses provides a positive, therapeutic environment offering a wide range of skills, activities and training for participants to discover a new identity and achieve a higher level of well –being. Our holistic approach encourages high levels of respect, raises self- esteem and provides a listening ear in confidence when it is most needed." The group has now been given free run of Stubbylee barn, outbuildings and the ocs these spaces will include an events hub, wellbeing hub, cinema, artist studios and a community cafe. Please visit it's such an inspirational place with wonderful people running it and accessing it!